Financial Counseling Program
Financial stability is critical to achieving KPLTC’s vision of a community where the opportunity to build better lives is always within reach. Palm Coast  individuals and families are barely getting by, with little or no ability to save for college, purchase a home, or prepare for retirement. KPLTC ’s agenda includes initiatives to educate families, enabling them to achieve greater financial stability.  Through established  partnerships  KPLTC is uniquely positioned to bring together individuals and key stakeholders from government, business, faith groups, and nonprofits to close the growing gap between those who are prospering, and those who are not.

Small Business Owner
26.8 million small businesses in 2006
52% of small businesses are home-based
Small businesses pay more than 45% of the total U.S. private payroll
Small businesses hire 40% of high-tech workers
Learn the necessary skills to make your dream of owning a small business a reality. At KPLTC You’ll learn everything from writing a business plan to complying with legal regulations to preparing a budget. Who else but YOU can start your own small business? Of course, after your business is a flurry of activity, you may need to hire an offshore personal assistant to schedule your dentist and haircut appointments

Career Coaching and Job Search Coaching
Career Coaching/Career Counseling is the vehicle that will help you get a jumpstart on your career or job change. It is also a great way to move forward faster with your career plan. We can help you develop your very own personalized career roadmap. We have worked with hundreds of job seekers and career changers during the past twenty years. With some we have developed a simple "jumpstart" plan, provided interview coaching, or assisted with job search coaching; with others we have guided them through every step.

Health and Wellness Workshops
KPLTC provides worksite health promotion programs with customized topics and content to meet the needs of the center. Programs range from 30-minute lunch-n-learns to multi-session behavior modification courses.

                      Topics include:

•Weight management
•Obesity education
•Stress management
•Physical activity
•Balancing work and family

•Massage therapy
•Alcohol awareness
•Healthy cooking
•Cancer self exam education
•Hygiene education
•Diabetes education
•And more...
Programs and  Workshops