• What’s Love Got to do With It?
  • Marriage Maps--how to get where you want to go
  • His Role-Her Role
  • Expectations and Goals
  • Communicating God’s Way
  • Handling Conflict Properly

Counseling Services
  • Intimacy Factors
  • Financial Conflicts
  • The Blended Family.
Family Counseling - Family counseling involves bringing the members of the family together to begin to understand how each person fits in the family, views the family and the position of each member within it, and how conflict can be resolved without excess stress on the members.

Family counseling is often used in conjunction with individual counseling when one or more members of the family have a special need which affects all of the members.  If things at home are chaotic, and what is being done now isn't working, maybe it's time to bring in counseling to help the family live together in peace. 

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Building a Godly Marriage
These marriage enrichment classes are designed to make a good marriage better and a weak marriage stronger.

Topics include:
The Counseling Process:
Stronger marriages build stronger communities. Our counseling program enables counselors to identify a couple's specific strength and growth areas, teach them communication and conflict resolution skills, and help them resolve key relationship issues.
Anxiety Attacks Counseling-  Some people have anxiety attacks in which they become afraid of a perceived or expected situation and their body physically reacts as though it wants to fight or run away.  This is anxiety.  For some people anxiety is a learned way of coping with life, but although it can act as a protective mechanism, it often interferes with the ability of the individual to live a normal, productive life.

Grief/Bereavement Counseling - When we experience a loss it is inevitable that we go through an emotional period in which we have to deal with that loss.  Depending on how important or close the loss was for us the greater the grief or period of recovery may be.  Personality and many other factors can effect the depth and length of the grieving process.  Note that grieving is a process and there is specific set of emotions through which everyone must pass before they recover.  When the grieving process is extended or totally overwhelming the person who has suffered loss may require help in dealing with the loss and in getting their life back on track.

Stress Management Counseling- Stress Management is a process by which a person who is over stressed or burned out can learn to cope with the stressors in their life. It includes learning new skills to help them deal with existing stresses, methods for avoiding or appropriately handling the onset of new stressors, setting boundaries in life to relieve or prevent stress, learning cognitive skills to overcome thinking patterns that are stressful in and of themselves.

Traumatic Life Events Counseling - Abuse is a traumatic experience that effects peoples lives.  Death of a loved one can also be a traumatic experience.  Things like moving, getting married, or having a child can be very positive in some peoples lives and very negative in others.  Thus life impact is very much individually determined.   Some events can have can cause physical or physiological changes in your life and the more such events one experiences the greater the psychological and physiological impact there may be.  Sometimes we can look at ones life events and begin to understand their thinking and behavior patterns and thus begin to help them cope better with the events they have experienced.  It is important to review the events of your life to better understand who you are and why you are like you are.

Violent Outbursts/behavior-  Some people respond to controversy or things that have negative impact on them by violent outbursts or violent behavior.  This inability to control temper or violence is inappropriate in our society and thus needs to be addressed.  This can be a learned behavior or in a small number of cases a physiological response gone out of control.  In either case, it is important that the situation and behavior be investigated to determine what needs to be done to control the inappropriate outbursts.  Sometimes this will involve measures such as EEG which can detect brain wave abnormalities.  In other cases, it can be handled with Anger Management and Cognitive Control measures.

Isolation and Withdrawal - People tend to isolate themselves from others or withdraw from society for a number of reasons.  Usually none of the reasons are good or helpful.  Fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-concepts  and depression are a few of the reasons people withdraw. Discovering the underlying reasons in the case of depression or panic attacks can be helpful. New coping mechanisms have to be learned along with new thinking patterns.  If you or someone else you know is locking themselves away at home, separating themselves socially from others, then call us and let us find a way to help them not only learn to cope and fully function again, but to find joy and happiness in their lives.

Addictions Counseling- Today's world is filled with many, many types of addictions.  Many of these ruin lives not only of the person who is addicted but also of the family and friends of the addict.  Addictions are most often the result of a search for something or an attempt to escape from something else.  Most addicts cannot "just quit" as their loved ones and others think they should.  Usually addictions require some form of intervention which may include counseling.  Often we find that addictions are best treated with counseling in conjunction with other types of therapy.  We deal especially with non-substance abuse addictions such as sexual addictions, pornography addiction, food addictions and so forth.  A biblical approach to addictions can be very helpful in discovering the roots of addiction and resolving the issues related to the addiction.  We will be happy to review your situation or that of a friend or loved one at no cost to see what kind of treatment might be best.  Addiction is frequently about control.  Who or what controls you?  "...For you are a slave to whatever controls you." 2 Peter 2:19